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19-114-P2115 Surface Water Catchments

19-114-P3101 Watermain Layout
Sheet 1 of 11

19-114-P2120 Overland Flood Route

19-114-P3102 Watermain Layout
Sheet 2 of 11

19-114-P2200 Typical Public Surface Water Drainage Construction Details

19-114-P3103 Watermain Layout
Sheet 3 of 11

19-114-P2201 Typical Public Foul Drainage Construction Details

19-114-P3104 Watermain Layout
Sheet 4 of 11

19-114-P2202 Typical Private Drainage Construction Details

19-114-P3105 Watermain Layout
Sheet 5 of 11

19-114-P2300 Attenuation Area D1, Plan, Section & Details

19-114-P3106 Watermain Layout
Sheet 6 of 11

19-114-P2311 SuDS Layout Sheet 1 of 3

19-114-P3107 Watermain Layout
Sheet 7 of 11

19-114-P2312 SuDS Layout Sheet 2 of 3

19-114-P3108 Watermain Layout
Sheet 8 of 11

19-114-P2313 SuDS Layout Sheet 3 of 3

19-114-P3109 Watermain Layout
Sheet 9 of 11

19-114-P2320 SuDS Details

19-114-P3110 Watermain Layout
Sheet 10 of 11

19-114-P2401 Lake Layout and
General Arrangement

19-114-P3111 Watermain Layout
Sheet 11 of 11

19-114-P2403 Lower Eastern Lake Sections

19-114-P3201 Watermain Construction Details Sheet 1 of 4

19-114-P2404 Upper Eastern Lake Sections

19-114-P3202 Watermain Construction Details Sheet 2 of 4

19-114-P2405 Lower Eastern Lake Weir & Hydrobrake MH Details

19-114-P3203 Watermain Construction Details Sheet 3 of 4

19-114-P3000 Watermain Layout
District Metered Areas

19-114-P3204 Watermain Construction Details Sheet 4 of 4

19-114-P3100 Watermain Layout General Arrangement

19-114-P4000 Utilities Layout

19-114-P4001 Proposed Diversion of Existing ESBN 38kv Overheads

19-114-P4002 Traffic Ducting Layout for CCTV Link

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